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Orange Mud Gear Vest

I am a fan of Orange Mud products (such as the Transition Wrap!) and was super excited to try out the Gear Vest as I prepared for the Blue Ridge Marathon this April. I had been running with the Orange Mud Hydraquiver, which is a great product, but I was ready to try something that would provide a bit more storage for my extra long runs and marathon. This was my first time using a bladder, and I think it is super convenient!

The Gear Vest was designed for runners, riders, hikers, paddlers, skiers and more. It is very comfortable to wear, and my husband wants to take it next time we visit Disney World!

orange mud gear vest


This Gear Vest was made for storage. In addition to carrying two water bottles worth of water in the bladder, there are multiple pockets. The storage on the front is designed to fit 600ml soft flasks, gloves, nutrition, or big smart phones. My iPhone 7 fit perfectly, and there was even some extra room. I also carried a few granola bars, an external battery for my phone, chapstick, and some gels.

The front also boasts two small trash pockets, which were great for my empty gel packets!

There are two pockets on the top of the shoulders, which easily fit three gels a piece. The gels are easy to reach while running.

The rear bladder compartment can hold some extra gear around the bladder, but is focused on speed and breathability. I did throw a banana in there, just in case I needed it mid-race. The shock cord on the back works great for holding a jacket or light layer.

All-in-all, this is a great pack for those of us that like to be prepared while we are running, hiking, or whatever activity we like to do. I am definitely NOT a minimalist, as I like to be prepared. As a back-of-the-packer, I have been to one too many races where they have run out of water.


The Fit

I was a bit worried about how the Gear Vest would fit with the straps going across the chest. Luckily, they are super adjustable, and I was able to move them around so I was comfortable (and didn’t look ridiculous).

There are so many ways to adjust this vest. The straps across the chest can be tightened or loosened. You can also adjust them up and down to fit your anatomy. You can also adjust the straps around your shoulders, as well as front to back. Find the perfect fit, and you will be so comfortable with no bounce!


Final Thoughts

I LOVE this Orange Mud Gear Vest! It was super comfortable to wear during my marathon. Even when it was starting to get hot out, I still didn’t really feel it. I like how much storage is available and that it is very easy to adjust to your own body and comfort level. The bladder system is easy to use, convenient, and easy to clean!


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