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Testing the OrangeMud HydraQuiver

I have tried at least 10 different waist hydration packs in the few years that I have been running. Some of them fit around me really well and don’t bounce, but have leaky bottles that end up making me soaked. Others have good bottles, but are too tight or too loose and don’t fit me well, causing me to have the pack bouncing uncontrollably as I try to run. Even others don’t have pockets big enough for my phone, key, and fuel. It’s such a hard-knock life!

So what is a girl to do?

Luckily, I was sent an OrangeMud HydraQuiver to test out.


The great thing about the HydraQuiver is that it is easy to use, comfortable, and has a lot of space for bringing items you need with you while you are running.

The bottle that is included is 25oz, which is great for long runs. If you don’t need that much liquid, use a smaller bottle and adjust the holder to fit.

There is a large pocket on the face of the pack that is large enough for a small wallet, keys, gloves, granola bars, and chapstick.

Each shoulder has an easy-to-reach, large expandable pocket which is great for easy-grab fuel or your phone.

So, how do you wear it?


The HydraQuiver slips easily on your back and you can tighten the straps from the front. I prefer to have it sit a little lower so the bottle doesn’t hit my ponytail.


Step-by-Step instructions:

I’ve tested this out in a few different race situations, the most recent: Blue Ridge Half Marathon. It got pretty warm as the race went on and I never really felt any hotter than normal with the pack on my back.

It’s easy to grab the bottle whenever I need a quick drink (I am one of those that likes to be able to drink when I want and not have to depend on the water stops). I had no problems grabbing or returning the bottle from the carrier. My gels were super easy to grab from my shoulder pockets.

I did not have any problems with chafing or rubbing, but I have not yet tried this with a tank top. This pack is easy to adjust to fit, and I did not have to readjust it at all during the 13.1 miles1

I actually really prefer the HydraQuiver to a waist pack because it is more comfortable to wear and easier to use. Sometimes the bottles in waist packs are a little hard to get in their holders and I always have to readjust the band as I run.

I can see the HydraQuiver being great for hiking and bike rides as well! Seriously, who wants to wear a waist pack while bike riding?

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