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Lucky Fortune Cookery at Disney’s California Adventure

We seemed to have better luck at the quick service options at Disneyland than at the table service restaurants. After the Disneyland 10k, Nathan and I headed over to California Adventure to grab some lunch. I had done a little research beforehand, so I knew that the Lucky Fortune Cookery had vegan & gluten-free options. The restaurant is located in the Pacific Wharf section of the park, which had a few other counter-service restaurants.
The chef came out (he was super nice!) and said that there was a gluten-free teriyaki sauce that he could use with my tofu and veggie rice bowl. That sounded good to me! My food was made super quick in under than 5 minutes, which was pretty awesome because I was very hungry.
The food was very good. I enjoyed the glazed tofu and all the vegetables and rice (which are under the tofu). It was flavorful and a filling meal, even though the serving doesn’t look all that huge.
I also got some mango, while Nathan got some edamame.
This was a great place to eat in California Adventure. Even better, the have a discount for Vacation Club Members! (which is good because Tables in Wonderland does not work at Disneyland!)

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7 thoughts on “Vegan & Gluten-free at Disney’s California Adventure – Lucky Fortune Cookery”
  1. That glazed tofu looks wonderful! I haven’t been to the Disney California adventures yet, but my kids have gone with grandpa and loved it.

    1. I highly recommend it! I look forward to visiting again someday, hopefully for more than a quick weekend trip!

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