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Category: Weekly Workout

Frozen 5k

It’s almost the end of winter vacation….so I’ll end it with a 5k run. This Frozen 5k race is part of the same series as the Santa’s Workshop 5k that I did last month. It took place in Haymarket, VA, and started at the local...

PureChiro 5k

  A week before Halloween, I met up with my friend Chip and we ran in the PureChiro 5k in Vienna, VA. This was the first FREEZING morning of the season. The wind was blowing pretty hard (enough that one of the vendors tents blew...

Aradia Fitness

I am pretty lazy when it comes to working out. Other than running my races, I don’t really do all that much to stay in shape (But…I really need too!) So I was super excited to visit Aradia Fitness in Manassas and spend the afternoon...

August Miles

For August I completed 62.31 running miles. I am less than 1 mile less than from the month of January when I ran the Dopey Challenge. Using my Jawbone Up24, I have tracked a total of 128.5 miles for the month of August. I completed these...


I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and new adventures. Recently I had the awesome opportunity to visit the DivaFit Studio in Herndon, VA. I took part in a Intro to Pole Dance class with Kendra from When’s My Vacation and my mother. Let me...

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