I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and new adventures. Recently I had the awesome opportunity to visit the DivaFit Studio in Herndon, VA. I took part in a Intro to Pole Dance class with Kendra from When’s My Vacation and my mother. Let me tell you, it was so much fun!!!


The first think you see when walking into DivaFit are the aerial silks hanging from the ceiling. These silks are used in shows such as Cirque du Soleil, but now you can try them yourself! DivaFit has classes to show you how to use these colorful, stretchy ribbons to get an incredible upper body and core workout while dancing, turning and rolling through the air. I would love to try this sometime because it looks so fun! I can imagine myself twirling in the air!

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The studio has enough room for 11 people to participate. One thing that I like about the class structure is that you stay with the same people as you go through the classes and levels. This helps you become more comfortable to practice and work out because of the intimate environment! DivaFit’s classes are for any age, size, and fitness ability. Everyone should feel comfortable to participate.

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The instructor was very helpful, taking time to help each person individually. I thought I did pretty well on the spin, but not so much on the butt moves. I’m sorry, my hips DO lie! They just don’t like to cooperate in a smooth or sexy fashion. But that is ok! I can work on other moves to make up for it 🙂

I was just in the Intro class, but DivaFit has seven different levels of pole classes, as well as Pole Masters Fundamentals, Pole Masters Dance, Pole Masters Tricks, and Spinning Pole. There is a class for everyone, no matter how advanced – or unadvanced – one may be.



During my class we worked a bit on floor work. A lot of the moves were similar to what I would do in yoga, but with a twist. We even had to practice getting off the floor in a sexy way.


My favorite part of the class involved doing the spin. I loved this! I could spin pretty well, but the getting back up without looking dumb is what I need to work on!

Practicing some hip movements


DivaFit has studios in Chantilly, Herndon, and Falls Church and offers different classes to suite everyone’s levels and interests. Some specialty classes include: Silks, Barre toning classes, Sexy Fit, Twerk and Tone (yikes!), Strictly Strength, and Lap Dance. They also offer private lessons and private parties. I can totally see myself having a girls night out party at DivaFit!

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I thought this pole dance class was a fun way to incorporate a fun workout that wasn’t running. It helped to stretch out my muscles and was good as a strength exercise as well. I would recommend DivaFit to anyone who is looking for a different and fun way to exercise!


**Disclaimer**  DivaFit provided me with a free class in exchange for my honest opinions of their studio.  These opinions are my own, and I was in no way financially compensated.

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    1. I am very uncoordinated, but had a great time swinging around the pole. Shaking my butt, on the other hand…. oh man!

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