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 Tortilla Jo’s

After the Disneyland 10k, Nathan and I needed to find something to eat. We were looking for something with both protein and carbs, so we decided on Mexican food. We walked over to Tortilla Jo’s, located in Downtown Disney, and quickly got a table.


I loved the menu because it told you what was gluten-free! I didn’t have to guess when trying to decide what to get. They also had a few vegetarian options to choose from, which was nice because I didn’t have to invent my own dish. Super easy to order!


I decided on the Garden Enchiladas, which included two corn tortillas filled with fresh spinach and seasonal vegetables, topped with salsa verde, and served with cilantro green rice and vegetarian black beans. I loved this because the vegetables were not just onions and peppers, but actually good vegetables like zucchini and squash! This meal was delicious and very filling. We also had some chips and salsa.

Garden Enchiladas

Nathan ordered the Veggie Burrito: a large spinach flour tortilla filled with seasonal vegetables, cilantro green rice, and vegetarian black beans,  topped with salsa verde and served with sweet corn mix and pico de gallo. He also enjoyed his dish and we left very satisfied.

Veggie Burrito



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