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A Real Life UP House

Back in 2011, I was visiting family in Utah. While there, I found out that the Parade of Homes was happening and that one of the houses was an actual model of the house from Disney Pixar’s Up. The house is located in Herriman, which was not too far from where I was staying, so I knew that I had to go tour the house.


Admission to view the house was only a few dollars, and of course I wanted to go explore the world of Carl and Ellie! The outside of the house was just like in the movie: The colors, the style, the attention to detail. No turn was left unturned. They even had Karl and Russell outside greeting everyone!


When you step inside, you really feel like you are inside the movie. Though you don’t see the entire house in the movie, the decorators did a great job with decorations and little touches that really make this house amazing.

The front room

Some little touches include the Adventure Book, money jar for Paradise Falls, murals, and pictures.


The kitchen is very retro with blue appliances that were made special for this house.


Upstairs, was Karl and Ellie’s room, as well as the nursery. The nursery had the same mural painted from the movie, as well as some other special touches like some decorative wall stickers here and there to give it more character.


Karl and Ellie’s room was very cozy and had picture frames on the end table.


Downstairs, there was a movie room with a big couch, and two other bedrooms: “Andy’s Room” and a princess room.

Andy’s Room was based on Toy Story and was awesome! Talk about theming…they had all the toys, the wallpaper, and appropriate bedding. It’s the perfect room for a little boy!


For a girl, there is a princess room with a carriage mural on the wall.


This house is fully functional with storage space, laundry room, secret hiding space behind an opening bookshelf and more! After its run on the parade of homes, it was sold and some lucky family now lives there! I checked out their website, The Real Up House and it looks like they kept up the theming and have a great time living there. They offer themed photo shoot packages if anyone is interested in living in the Up magic!

I would absolutely LOVE to live in a house like this. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a house like this? In fact, I might even decide to get in touch with a moving company like https://www.atlantahomemovers.com/ to help me pack up all my belongings and make the move to this house, or a similar house right now! It will be much easier to do this with professional movers, and it would allow me to live an amazing life in this house at a much quicker rate.

If anybody does live in a house like this, then please let me know. I want to know if it’s worth it or not.

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  1. YESSS! this reminds me of when I first went to New Fantasyland! Everything was exactly like it was in Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid. I was just the most amazing feeling to feel like you are IN the movie!

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