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 Have you heard of Duffy the Disney Bear?


If you’ve been to the Disney Parks or Disney Store during the past few years, you might have noticed a precious stuffed bear named Duffy. In 2010, Duffy was introduced  to Disney World and Disneyland. The story goes that Minnie Mouse created Duffy for Mickey Mouse as he was getting ready to go on a long sea voyage. Duffy was supposed to keep Mickey company while he was away. They travel the world, share exciting adventures and make new friends. You can find more about the origins of Duffy from this story book.

Duffy is a unique character because he was not first featured in a Disney movie or TV show until he made his television debut in the 2010 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade. At Disney World, you can also find his own show on the Bedtime Story Channel.

Duffy is a great bear and is available for purchase through out the parks, online, and at Disney Stores. He comes in various sizes: 12″ and 17″, pillow pet, etc. The smaller size Duffy usually comes pre-dressed in a specific theme. The larger size allows for the changing of outfits. This is where it gets fun! Going along the line of Build-a-Bear (but without the actual building), you can purchase different outfits and themes for Duffy.


I tend to get a new outfit each time I visit Disney, and focus on the holidays and seasons. When not on Disney Vacation with us, he lives in our living room where he can greet everyone!

Duffy and Maestro ready to go to Disney World!

You can also meet Duffy at specific spots around the Disney Parks. At Disney World, he is located at the beginning of the World Showcase in Epcot. He is always so fun to meet and he has great seasonal outfits!duffy

In California, Duffy is located in California Adventure.


 Do you have a Duffy Bear?

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