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 Disney Infinity

For Christmas this past year I was surprised with Disney Infinity for the Wii U! I didn’t really know anything about this game beforehand, except that there were little figurines. Unfortunately, I not at home for Christmas so I had to wait about a week before I got to to play.


Since then, though, Nathan and I have become quit obsessed with the game, playing after work and on the weekends, as much as we have time for. We have amassed quite the collection of characters and even have the Aladdin Toy Box Pack pre-ordered on Amazon! (Super excited for that, by the way – I love Aladdin!)

Disney Infinity has a lot of different components and a lot of different ways to play. The two main games are the Toy Boxes and the Play Sets. Below I will explain the difference between the two different ways to play.




Play Set Mode

The play set mode is a certain game made for certain characters. Some examples of this are the Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University, The Incredibles, Cars, The Lone Ranger, and Toy Story. So far Nathan and I have tried out Toy Story and Monsters University.

Each play set is a mixture of different “mini-games” and challenges that need to be completed as you explore the specific world. While in a play set, only the characters that belong to that world can be used. You cannot use Buzz Lightyear in the Monsters University Play Set. Nathan and I like to play together, so we had to buy the Sidekicks Pack so we could each have a character to fit. When two people play, the screen splits in half. You can work together in challenges but can also be doing two completely different things.

The play set mode offers hours of fun, especially with the DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack because you get three different worlds to play. It will take us a long time to get through everything!

Toy Box Mode

A completely different way to play is the Toy Box Mode. Here, you can play as any character in any world. So, Merida and Stitch can be playing in and exploring in the world of Aladdin! We got the Toy Box Starter Pack (2.0 Edition) and have had a lot of fun playing the accompanying Stitch game, but have had fun discovering other ways to play, as well!

Everything earned in the Play Set can be used in the Toy Box. So when we unlocked Mike and Sully’s Paint Ball Guns in the Monsters University Play Set, we could use it while in the Toy Box. Everything carries over!


What really makes the Toy Box cool, though, is the infinite ways to play. There is an online database of worlds created by others. You can go in to these created worlds and explore and play around. Many of them are full-on games where you have to find your way through the level and fight bad guys. Some of these worlds are really detailed and really well done. And remember, you can play any character you want!

Another aspect to Toy Box Mode is the ability to create your own worlds! Much like Sim City, you can create full on worlds with a huge variety of walls, buildings, furnishings, decorations, characters, etc. In this way, you can create your own game. Again, everything unlocked in the Play Set is available to use in the Toy Box.

Nathan made a Bad-guy destroying tower (so he could get some extra sparks to help him level up), and I decorated it for him. When I have some time I want to go in and create my own world…I am super excited about making the palace of Agrabah and all the buildings from Disney World. Really, your imagination is your only limitation.



Power Discs


Power discs are sold in sets of two and are offered sight-unseen (meaning, you don’t know which ones you are getting when you purchase them). These discs are either round or hexagonal and give your character special abilities.

The round discs go under your character and give specific powers, boosts, or abilities to your character (like extra health). The hexagonal discs are placed on the play set spot and offer new toys and ways to play in the toy box.

It seems like Nathan gets a pack or two every time he heads out to the store. Luckily, you can use up to three round discs at a time, and have the powers given for all.

Final Thoughts

Even though we have barely even explored all that Disney Infinity offers, I very much enjoy the experience of playing. There are truly an INFINITY of different ways to play, so the name is very fitting. As of now there are two versions of the game: Disney Infinity and Disney Infinity 2.0. The 2.0 version has a lot of Marvel characters, so that might interest some people. [I just like Groot 🙂 ]  One thing to note is that the 2.0 characters cannot play on the original platform, but that all characters are available to use on 2.0.

Because the game is so versatile, it is good for both children and adults. The younger children will enjoy playing some simple games and building their own worlds. It is also super engaging for adults (aka, me) to play through the Play Sets and Toy Box games and really explore everything that the game has to offer!

Have you played Disney Infinity? Who is your favorite character to play with?

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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