It is my second night at The Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA! My morning included breakfast in the Main Dining Room (post coming soon!) and an hour of run-hiking the South Trail before attending some sessions at my work conference.

Vegan & Gluten-Free Dining at The Omni Homestead

Last night’s dinner was delicious, and I was looking forward to see what would be offered today! Tonight’s dinner was in the Main Dining Room and was a buffet just for our event. After a quick look at what was available, I found Chef John and requested a gluten-free and vegan option. He said it would take a while (because it was super busy) but that he would bring me something to my table.

While I waited, I dined on the one gluten-free and vegan option on the buffet other than salad: Acorn Squash. I had two huge plates of this squash because it was so good!

Chef John soon brought me out a vegetable dish that included Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Carrots, Green Beans, and Red Peppers in a tomato sauce. This sauce was very tasty and the vegetables were perfectly cooked.

Next, the chef brought out a quinoa pilaf with snap peas and broccoli. Full of garlic, this was a warm and creamy dish.

Finally, out comes dessert, which was similar to last night’s Pumpkin Patch dish. The Chocolate Pumpkini Spice Ganache was so rich and creamy! It was atop a Gingerbread cookie and crumbles and was the perfect ending to my meal!

The Omni Homestead gets better each year with their gluten-free and vegan offerings! I certainly appreciate their efforts to provide food for those who require different offerings.