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Buff USA has so many different type of headwear to try out! From the Merino Wool Buff to the Half Buff to the Full UV Buff, there are options for every season. The Buffs are super versatile. They come in different colors and designs and have MANY different purposes depending on how you wear them!

Merino Wool Buff


The Merino Wool Buff is a soft, warm, wind-resistant and lightweight layer made with 100% merino wool. It includes all the versatility you expect from a Buff with the natural moisture management and odor control properties outdoor enthusiasts love about wool.

This Buff is SUPER soft and comfortable to wear. Sometimes wool can be itchy, but not this one! I had a chance to try this out on some cooler, windy nights, and let me tell you – it kept me VERY toasty. It really did block out the wind and made my run very warm and comfortable.

The Merino Wool Buff is long enough to cover your head, face, and neck, but is also compact enough to wear as a headband to keep your hair out of your face and your ears warm!



UV Half Buff



The UV Half Buff really accomplishes all three things! Shorter than the Original Buff, the UV Half Buff offers style and sun protection without weighing you down. It wicks away perspiration to keep you comfortable in the gym, on the road, at the yoga studio, or on the trails.


There are more than 12 different ways to wear the Half Buff for a personalized style and perfect fit, but my favorites are as a headband to keep all my fly-aways off my face and as a pony tail elastic.

My Half Buff was a life-saver during my 10-mile race. My elastic broke, and there was NO WAY I was going to be able to continue running with my hair flopping all over on my neck because it was so hot. Luckily, the Half Buff saved the day and kept my hair up and annoyance-free for the rest of my run.

Not only does the Half Buff come in tons of different colors and patterns, it blocks 95% of harmful UV rays. So not only does it help keep my hair and sweat under control, it helps to keep me from getting sunburned!


UV Buff


If you need even more coverage, check out the UV Full Buff! This provides even more sun protection and will be even more great in the colder weather to keep your head and face warm.

Some ways to wear the Full Buff:


If you’re interested in getting your own buff, you can check out their website here. You can also find them the following places: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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