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KT Tape Blister Prevention and Treatment

I love KT products and am a frequent user of the KT Tape to help my foot and IT Band not hurt so much during and after my runs. But now, they have another product that would have been so useful during the Blue Ridge Marathon this past April. Keyword: blisters!

KT Performance+™ Blister Prevention Tape

The KT Performance Blister Prevention Tape is designed to help prevent blisters, chafing, and hot spot formation. With an ultra-durable, flexible, and breathable synthetic fabric, it easily conforms to skin and extremely thin to minimize friction!

Have a new pair of shoes that you need to break in but don’t want to get blisters? Blister Prevention Tape! Have a pair of super cute sandals, but they rub your ankle? Blister Prevention Tape!

This tape was easy to apply and stayed on for the duration of my run. Wrapped around my toe, it even lasted through my shower!


KT Performance+™ Blister Treatment Patch

And what happens if you DO happen to get a blister? The KT Performance Blister Treatment Patch comes to the rescue! Designed for athlete blister treatment, it helps to heal your blisters up to two times faster than traditional bandages. Lasting up to seven days, they have a 100% waterproof seal.
I really wish I had the prevention tape and blister treatment while running the Blue Ridge Marathon. The race brought me five blisters. OUCH!