I worked a lot this week at a local museum gift shop (normally just an occasional weekend job) in order to get some extra spending cash for next week’s Disneyland trip! It is not very exciting, but it does give me money!

I had time to take a few selfies:

20140816_092900_Android 20140813_122631_Android


I worked on doing some “remodeling”. I am switching my bedroom with my office. I need more closet space in my bedroom! I had to move the bed, some desks, all the craft closet stuff, clothes, and more. I also went through bookshelves, sorting stuff to giveaway and to keep. It’s been a lot of work, but when I am actually finished with everything it should be much more comfortable space and storage wise. But my back is so sore from lifting everything! It’s also good because I need a change! I am used to moving around every few years. I have now been in this house for over 4 years! That is a really long time to be in one place for me!

20140815_193047_Android 20140814_220700_Android

My 30th birthday was on Sunday. You can read my birthday post here! For my birthday I ran the Leesburg 20k.



Maestro went in for a haircut on Tuesday. Here is his before picture:


And his after:


He had missed his last grooming so his fur was too thick to cut. He looks like a completely different dog!

2 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”
  1. Well, I love moving my furniture around, but then again I love to decorate. 🙂 I always enjoy moving things around, because it can feel like starting anew. I think it also helps see your furniture in a new light, it’s like decor shopping in your home!
    Maestro looks cute in the new haircut! Give me a big hug from me.

    1. It is always good to have change. The hard part is just actually finding a place for everything in a new spot!

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