I didn’t do much running this week because my legs are tired! But next week I will step it up because I have a half on Sunday!

On Wednesday, Bella, Maestro, and I went on a walk around the neighborhood. After we came home, they both promptly passed out. It was a nice workout.

On Thursday, I REALLY did not want to go workout. It was pretty much raining ALL day, so I had to go to the gym. I ended up cranking out 5.5 miles on the bike before quitting, and then did some arm weights.
Friday was a bit tricky. I went to bring Bella home, and then ended up going on a shopping spree. While Madre and Marty went into various stores (target x2 and the exchange), I stayed outside and walked around the parking lots. When I got home, I still had to do about 1.5 more miles, so Maestro and I trudged out in the misting rain and finished up.