I’m looking forward to this great, new product coming out soon! I always come home from work wondering what to make for dinner, and this product, along with a little planning on the weekends could be a lifesaver! The Prep & Serve is currently on Kickstarter and I can’t wait for it to be produced!

Prep & Serve is like SUBWAY™ in a box. The first of its kind, up to 10 individual containers fit and seal all under one lid. Each inner container can be used on its own or they “SNAP” in place in the 9″ x 13″ prep box. Store sauces, diced tomatoes, cold cuts, lettuce, onions and more with zero cross contamination. When everything’s ready it’s easier to cook and plate. 

Prep &Serve-padthai

Cutting up all my favorite stir fry veggies and pineapple and having it ready will make for a quick dinner after a busy day at work!



I can enjoy some (vegan) ice cream on my deck with all my favorite toppings!

Another way I would love to use this is to cut up all my fruits and veggies for my green smoothies in the morning! It will mean a much faster prep time so I can just run out the door with my smoothie in my hand!

Consider donating to the kickstarter project so we can get these produced!

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  1. In this fast pace life we live this is a must for organizing healthful daily meals…….one is not enough….

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