20140806_193712_Android A few weeks ago, Sterling Restaurant Supply graciously hosted a blogger’s night out! We had the chance to mingle, learn all about SRS, and best of all – shop!!! 20140806_190314_Android I have previously visited SRS before, so I knew what to expect, and I was very excited to attend and learn about some new products! 20140806_175632_Android SRS is a restaurant supply store that is also open to the public. It is a great choice for inexpensive, yet high quality, kitchenware. One of my favorite things about SRS is that they carry a lot of uniquely shaped dishware. I love the square places and bowls! 20140806_194726_Android   I also love their supply of bamboo products. I already had the large bamboo cutting board, but this time I picked up the smaller cutting board and the set of bamboo utensils.


I’m looking at these new plates! I ended up getting them!

Photo Courtesy of Sterling Restaurant Supply

It was a fun evening getting to know some other bloggers and to help everyone shop shop shop!

Photo Courtesy of Sterling Restaurant Supply

I came home with a set of new plates and bowl-ish plates (which you will soon see a lot of in my food-related posts!), a cutting board, bamboo utensils, and 2 glasses.



3 thoughts on “Sterling Restaurant Supply Blogger Night”
  1. Love SRS, Fortessa products can be found being used it the finest hotels and restaurants around the world….I know, I’m an unashamed plate flipper.

    Whenever food is beautifully presented I head over to SRS to pick up what they used, this has lead to my husband having to install extra shelving in our cabinets. That space has long been filled so our basement has become my own supply haven of fun strange shaped dinnerware

    I think I have a problem but there are no resources that I know of for dinnerware shoppers anonymous.

    Sign up for email alerts, their FB page and twitter account…when they open the warehouse GO.

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