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OrangeMud Transition Towel & Seat Wrap

I have been using the OrangeMud Transition Towel & Seat Wrap for years! There is nothing worse than finishing a race sweaty, muddy, or wet and then having to sit in your car while you drive home. Yuck! But, with the Seat Wrap, you just throw it on your seat, and you won’t have to make your car all gross!

This towel has so many uses!

  1. Keep your car clean from mud, dirt, sweat, wet, etc.

  2. Keep you warm pre- and post- race as a blanket (it’s so soft with the NEW micro-fiber fabric!!)

  3. As a regular towel at the gym or home

  4. Blanket for your or your pet! Maestro loves the soft new microfabric!

  5. As a way to change your clothes while out in public. There is an adjustable belt to keep it up on you. Am I wearing shorts underneath? You will never know!

These Towels make AMAZING GIFTS! My sister, mom, and dad have all received these from me. The holidays are coming up – who needs one of these?

Use promo code OMTRX for 15% off your purchase at www.orangemud.com!