My total miles for May included 62.66 running miles, 16.27 biking miles, and 32.83 walking miles.  That is a total of 111.76 miles!!!!

I participated in these races:

Virtual Races: May Get Out and Run 5kGet LOST in Running Station 7
5k – Mother’s Helping Mothers 5k and Falcon 5k
10k – Joining Hearts for Heidi 10k
1/2 Marathon – Alexandria Running Festival and the Potomac River Run Half Marathon

I started out the month of May with the idea that I would do a 5k streak everyday. I only lasted for half of the month, and then life got in the way and laziness took over. It is so easy to miss a day and then get completely off track. It WAS pretty hard to do 5k every day, and should probably just focus on one mile if I start it again. I DID like getting exercise everyday, though!

For June, I have one half marathon, a few 5ks, and a 10k. It is hard to run when it is hot out!!! As soon as school is over, I plan on being at the pool a lot swimming laps and water running. I also need to pick up my bike from the shop and get in some more biking miles.