On Saturday, Marty joined me for a local 5k. Someone else was supposed to join us (*cough cough*) but they did not.We got to the race early enough to get our bibs and then we waited…and waited…and waited.

The race started later than posted and it seemed pretty disorganized. Only one person really seemed to know what was going on.

We finally started running. This race was through a neighborhood, and was generally ok, but they expected everyone to stay on sidewalks for a large majority of the run. It was way to crowded for this, and Marty and I ran on the side of the road. The course was pretty hilly. We would get to the bottom of a hill, only to go back up.

But we did pretty good with 2:1 intervals and finally finished. Marty had to leave, but I decided to stay for the awards and raffle. Again…I waited…and waited…and then finally I left. I later found out that awards didn’t even happen until 2 hours after the race started. FOR A 5k! Really, everyone had finished in under an hour…I’m not sure why they waited that long…especially when I’m sure none of the award winners were still there.

Oh well. I got my 5k done for Streak Day #17.

Marty ended up getting 9th place in the category Mens 40+. If there was a normal 50-59, Marty would have placed 2nd.

I ended up getting 10th place in the Category Womens 15-39. If they did the normal 20-29 group, I would have placed 3rd.