This weekend is the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge at Disneyland! I am running a 10k on Saturday and a 1/2 marathon on Sunday in order to complete this challenge and to receive my Coast-to-Coast medal! It will also be my first time at Disneyland, and I have a 3-day park pass. It is going to be a very BUSY and TIRING weekend, but I am still expecting it to be amazing!!!!

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Here are my Dumbo Double Dare costumes that I made for the weekend. For the 10k I will be running as Rabbit and Nathan will be Eeyore. The rest of my family will also be a Winnie-the-Pooh character.


For the 1/2 marathon, I am going as Olaf, as is Nathan and Marty 🙂 We will be a trio of Olafs!



Wish Nathan and me luck as we run this weekend!

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