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 The Artist’s Palette

During the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend, Nathan and I stayed at Saratoga Springs, where we own DVC points and it’s easier to get in for race weekends (and it was a host resort).

The Artist's Palatte

The quick service at Saratoga Springs is called The Artist’s Palette. We had eaten there before during Marathon Weekend where I had gotten a “flatbread pizza” with balsamic zucchini and tomatoes (which wasn’t that good), but we needed a quick breakfast one morning, so that is where we decided to eat.


I talked to the chef and he could fix me some vegan & gluten-free Mickey waffles, with a side of the breakfast potatoes. The meal was good enough, but not as awesome as Landscape of Flavors at the Art of Animation, because at least there they include fruit and have real syrup.


On our check-out day, we were really hungry and needed to get something to eat, but didn’t have time to go anywhere else for lunch because we needed to catch Disney’s Magical Express to the airport. So, we headed over to The Artist’s Palatte to see what could be made for me. It just barely lunch time now (we decided to sleep in..) Talking to the chef, he told me that the flatbread had egg in it….What!? Last time I ate here (and got that pizza), the chef said the flatbread was ok for me to eat. So now, I don’t know who to believe. OY.

There was pretty much NOTHING I could order for lunch, so I ended up getting a side of freshly fried (in their own fryer) chips, with a side of Bean Chips and some Enjoy Life Brownies. This was not the lunch I was hoping for and can’t believe that they didn’t have anything else to offer me. I understand that The Artist’s Palette is a smaller quick service, but still….

I’m not impressed with this restaurant and really don’t anticipate eating here again. I really wish that the sit-down restaurant was open for lunch (it’s only open for dinner), because then at least there would be actual food I can eat.

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6 thoughts on “Vegan & Gluten-free at Disney’s The Artist’s Palette”
    1. Especially when it is just a small quick service at these huge resorts (compared to the value resorts where you have a huge cafeteria)

    1. It’s very frustrating when you get conflicting reports from different chefs! You never know who to believe :/

    1. It’s just annoying because Saratoga is my home resort so we stay there a lot (for race weekends)! I want good food!

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