Much to the dismay of my extended family (they just don’t understand), we cloth diaper Mixolydian while at home. Not only is it better for the landfills, it is actually cheaper than having to buy disposables all the time. Since Mixolydian has been in a Size One diaper, I have yet had to purchase any additional diapers. I am still working on the two packs gifted to me at my baby shower.

What Da Fluff

What Da Fluff is a family owned-and-operated company located in North Central West Virginia. They offer affordable and high quality cloth diapers (and other items) in a monthly subscription box. For only $15(!), you are sent at least one diaper, along with other products that go along with cloth diapering. The brand and style of diapers will change monthly, and the box contents are always be a surprise.

There is an option to sign up for a Boy box, Girl box, or Gender-neutral box. I signed up for the Girl box and was pleasantly surprised at the contents!

Girl Box

The What Da Fluff Girl box that I received included an adorable watermelon diaper! How cute is that?! It was a brand that I have not heard of, but it seems to be very well made, and I really like the style. Also in my box was a drool bib, wax warmer, and a kid’s travel activity kit. The diaper alone made the $15 worth it!

I really enjoy trying out different brands of cloth diapers. Plus, I love having different colors and patterns – they are just too adorable! Mixolydian also seems to enjoy wearing cloth diapers, and they aren’t as hard to clean as people think they are.

The packaging also makes me extra excited to get mail (much more colorful than Amazon boxes!) I also feel good that I am supporting a family-run business!

Other Available Products

In addition to the monthly subscription boxes,What Da Fluff offers a newborn cloth diaper rental. This service gives you the convenience of cloth diapering your newborn without the hassle of having to sell the diapers after just a few months of using them.

If I knew about it, this would have been awesome for us because Mixolydian did not fit in any of her cloth diapers when she was born. Because of this, she was in disposables for about two months.

What Da Fluff also sells individual diapers, wet bags, and cloth mama pads & panty liners.


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15 thoughts on “What Da Fluff? A Cloth Diaper Subscription Box!”
  1. I cloth diaper because it makes life easier and less harmful junk in landfills and on baby.

  2. I cloth diaper for many reasons! First the enviroment, second they are better for baby, third they are much much better on my wallet!!! But my favorite reason is they are soooooooooo freaking cute!

  3. I started cloth diapering my first because she has sensitive skin and kept getting rashes. I’m now cloth diapering my second to save money!

  4. I’m quickly becoming a What Da Fluff lover! I got my second order from her today! Super quick, super cute, super affordable! ??

  5. I love this box, had to cancel my subscription due to moving but can’t wait to resubscribe!

  6. I started to cloth diaper when my girls were 6 months and 18 months old. With 2 under 2 buying disposables was becoming to much for us, so we turned to cloth. Not only did it start saving us money, they are better for my girls skin and they are super cute as well as eliminating disposable waste that ends up in the landfills!

  7. I was introduced by a close friend. I’m cloth diapering my 2 year old in preparation for my newborn coming in November. He will be my gift Rainbow Baby, but my first full cloth baby. I love it! I’m obsessed with all the prints, and I love educating family and friends when they ask questions

  8. I’ve been on the fence about subscribing. Love to get a free one to make up my mind.

  9. It saves money, better for environment, better for baby and the same diapers can be used on multiple babies

  10. I use cloth because it’s better for the environment. I also hope it will make potty training easier. Using a service has made cloth diapering really easy.

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