**Disclaimer**  RooSport provided me with free product in exchange for my honest opinions in this review.  These opinions are my own, and I was in no way financially compensated for this review.

Have you tried the RooSport? I first discovered them at the runDisney Marathon expo back in January and was excited to try it out. The RooSport is a fantastic 2-pocket “belt” that attaches over your waistband via a very strong magnet. There is a smaller zip pocket that is great for holding ID or credit cards, and a larger pocket that is perfect for your phone, ipod, gels, passport, or other item. My Samsung Galaxy S4 with case fit perfectly in the larger pocket, which does not happen very often with running belt type pockets.

The RooSport is very convenient because it gives you an extra pocket to carry your items. Nathan very much enjoyed taking the RooSport out for a run. He does not like the typical running belt, so this was great for him. He had previously used an arm band for his phone, but liked the RooSport better. He said that it did not bounce or move around.

Outside of running, I wore the RooSport to a baseball game so I did not have to carry my purse (and did not have to wait in line to have a bag checked), and I wear it while mowing the lawn to carry my phone. (Yes, I use runkeeper to track my walking while mowing the grass…every bit counts, right?!) It is also convenient to wear with a skirt when you want to have a pocket!

I recommend the RooSport to those looking for an alternative to a running belt or arm band or for those who just need an extra pocket to secure your items while going about your day.


Nathan wearing the RooSport
Congrats to Shylea for winning!