**Disclaimer** Leslie with Rainbow provided me with a free RainMate in exchange for my honest opinions in this review. These opinions are my own, and I was in no way financially compensated for this review.
The Rainbow Cleaning System has been around from 1935, but I am just hearing about it. The Rainbow is a Total Cleaning System that looks to nature with the way it cleans. It washes and cleans everything in your home, including what you breathe. Think of it as a rainstorm in your home, without getting anything wet!

Do you notice dust floating around your house? It is probably most easy to see on bright, sunny days, but even if you can’t see it, the dust is always there. All this dust is air pollution that you are breathing in day in and day out. Have you ever gone INSIDE to get a breath of fresh air? I don’t think so!


The Rainbow packed up all nicely.

The Rainbow gives total air treatment to rid your house and air of all gross particles and smells. It uses Mother Nature’s most powerful element, water, to trap dirt and odors, returning only naturally clean, water-washed air to your home environment. The water filtration system captures 99.997% (by weight) of typical household dirt. Remaining microscopic particles are caught by their HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This two-stage filtration combination removes nearly 100% of dirt and contaminants. Wet dust CANNOT fly!

Not only is the Rainbow used as a floor and carpet cleaner, it also purifies and deodorizes the air. The Rainbow is meant to be run on high, daily for 30 minutes, as air treatment. Air is drawn into the machine, where dust and dirt is trapped in the water reservoir, and clean air with optional Rainbow fragrances is returned to your house. There is also a low setting that is meant to be run for longer periods of time to continually filter your air. The Rainbow is certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and is perfect for those who need a allergen-free environment.


Did you know that 1 ounce of vacuum dirt contains more than 11.5 billion bacteria? Regular vacuums cannot truly eliminate dust and dirt particles. Airflow is what picks up the dirt. It is not possible to maintain airflow with holes in the filter (minuscule particles can get through) or when the filter gets clogged with dirt. You are essentially moving the dirt from one spot to another. The Rainbow does not use bags or filter, so there is no loss in airflow. All dirt goes directly into the water reservoir, which can then be cleanly disposed of in the toilet or outside.

The Rainbow comes with different tools to help make cleaning a little easier: Floor & Wall Brush, Upholstery Tool, Confined Space Cleaner & Inflator Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Refrigerator Coil Cleaner, and Aerofresh Bag. There are other nozzles available to help with specific tasks: mopping, shampooing, etc. Whether you do all the house cleaning yourself, or hire professionals from somewhere like Modern Maids in Austin (or elsewhere), this device has almost got the job cut out for you! The RainMate is also available. It utilizes pure, fresh water to circulate gently scented air into your home environment. This is perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, or other area that you want to keep fresh!


All the different parts of the Rainbow


Look how gross the water was by the end of the demonstration. Yuck!

I enjoyed the presentation of the Rainbow System and see its value in keeping a clean home and environment. I really like the air purifying qualities and think it would be helpful to eradicate pet and food smells, as well as clean the air from all the dust! And because the Rainbow is on wheels, it was very easy to move around while I was cleaning my floor!

What makes The Rainbow different from any other product? It is the only thing that purifies the air while it cleans. That’s what makes it so important. It is a dust eliminator. Nothing else does that.

For more information about the Rainbow, please contact Leslie with Rainbow at 571-383-7782.