The Magic of the Hidden Mickey

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When you visit Disney World a lot, you want to change things up to make them a little more interesting. One way to do this is by searching for Hidden Mickeys!

A Hidden Mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse that has been “hidden” subtly into a ride, attraction, or other location, such as the resorts.

Searching for Hidden Mickey’s is a great activity to do while wandering around the parks or standing in line. Many queues have a Hidden Mickey somewhere in them, and it is always such a sense of accomplishment when you find one!

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There are a few different ways to find out about Hidden Mickeys:

1. Look for them! Keep your eyes open at all times! Riding It’s a Small World for the millionth time? Look for Hidden Mickeys (hint: Africa Room leaves)! Soon you will see Hidden Mickeys everywhere in everyday  life (non-Disney people think I am crazy..)

2. Ask the cast members! We always ask the cast members if they can give us hints. Not every one will know where any are, but sometimes you will find someone who does! They can give you clues of where to look and what to look for.

3. Use a book written about Hidden Mickeys. We have the Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World®’s Best Kept Secrets, and it has helped us find a lot of the Mickeys. It will tell you the general area in which to look.

Be careful because a lot of Hidden Mickeys may change. Splash Mountain used to have some in the decorations, but they have been since removed (checkers as you are going up the first hill and pots&pans by the campfire). But, if they remove some,  maybe some more will be added in!

Have you ever found any Hidden Mickeys?

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  1. There is nothing better than finding a Hidden Mickey-and the best part-they are found all over in every day life.

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