**Disclaimer**  Fitletic provided me with free product in exchange for my honest opinions in this review.  These opinions are my own, and I was in no way financially compensated for this review.

I’m excited to try out all this Fitletic (formerly iFitness) gear! Upon trying on the running belt I was pleasantly surprised that the pocket held my Samsung Galaxy S4 (with case) quite comfortably! Because it is a larger phone, it doesn’t always fit properly. This was not the case with this belt. I could get the phone in and out easily.

The belt was very comfortable to wear. It fit securely around my waist, did not bounce, and I could barely tell that I was wearing anything! I also like the bottle add-on. It was convenient to be able to wear the bottle on my front while it was full, and then I could slide it to my back when it was empty. The 6 ounce bottle was perfect for a 5k run or less, but you would want something more for a longer run.

Overall, I am very impressed with the new Fitletic belt. I like that it fits my phone and is very comfortable. I also like the option to take the water bottle on and off, as needed, and that it is easy to move around.

Have you tried any Fitletic running belts? How do you like them?


Trying out the belt. The reflectors work!