Dressed in my “In Training” shirt!

Saturday morning everyone packed up and headed out to Disney’s Wide World of Sports for the Expedition Everest Challenge Family Edition. Only Madre and Ellie were going to compete in the race, but I tagged along to help with the scavenger hunt clues. It was raining on and off that morning, so it was a lot of taking the ponchos on and off.We got a map and had to run around the ESPN complex to get and solve clues. Some of the challenges involved running around bases to find letters, which had to be arranged in a certain order to find the answer. Most of the clues involved word challenges. After we got all of our clues we headed to the finish line by running around the track. Even though I wasn’t officially registered for this event, I got a medallion when we finished.This was a fun event, despite the rain. It took us a little while to figure out how the clues were going to go, but we finally got a hang of it and had a good time. We finished in a little under an hour

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