Summer Glowstick 5k

I always like evening/night runs. You don’t have to get up early, it is generally cooler, and you have the chance of an amazing sunset. Bishop’s Events holds a glowstick runs a few times a year and they are always really fun.


These evening races generally take place at Old Mill Park in Fredericksburg, on a paved bike path that runs right next to the river. There is an awesome view of the water and I caught the sunset at the turn-around point!


Maestro ran this race with me. Our final time was 43:07, with an overall pace of 13:53. We had a great time, I just wish that it got a little darker while we were running so that we would glow more!


Some upcoming Bishop’s Events evening races include:

August 29 – Starlight 5k in Prince William Forest Park
September 19 – Glowstick 5k at Old Mill Park

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