So this is a fun story!… I ran the Frigid 5k & 10k benefiting Toys for Tots earlier in December. It definitely was NOT frigid! I was completely fine dressed in a t-shirt and shorts (by the way, I was dressed as Olaf, if you couldn’t tell!)

Toys for Tots

This race took place in Leesburg, VA, which is almost an hour away from my house. Other Bishop’s Events races have been here, such as the Leesburg 10k.  The start line was at Frederick Douglass Elementary School where there is plenty of parking and has very close access to the Washington & Old Dominion Trail where the race takes place.  I was signed up for the 10k and arrived about 15 minutes before the race began, enough time to grab my bib. After grabbing my bib I was looking around for the port-o-potty that is usually next to the sports field, but it was not there!!! Oh no! (I told you this would be a fun story). I didn’t have time to drive the few blocks to get to a bathroom, so I knew I would have to just suck it up.


Regardless, the race started (there were 61 people running the 10k) and I started off. The course is pretty straight forward: run one direction, turn around, run the other direction, turn around, and finish. It was a mostly flat and easy run. I was pretty good (if you can call it that) for about 4 miles until I just couldn’t last any more. I veered off into the woods where I saw an area that would be blocked from the path (which are far and few to find – one side of the path is mostly people’s backyards) and did my thing. Finally I was comfortable and was able to continue on.

This was definitely a first for me, and not one that I would like to repeat…word of the wise – next time there is a race at this location, stop off at the Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts before parking!

I finished the race in 1:17:01, which was pretty good with my preoccupation and a pit stop.


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