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Wine & Dine Weekend Race Expo


Nathan and I arrived at Saratoga Springs late on Thursday night (well, Friday morning) and decided to sleep in a bit before venturing off to Wide World of Sports to attend the Wine & Dine Race Weekend Expo. We got there and it had been open for an hour or two already, so there was no line to get in the building. We took a quick second to pose for a picture before heading in to get our bibs.


Packet pick-up takes place in a different building than the rest of the expo. In this building were all the lines to get your bibs for the 5k and half marathon, as well as a runDisney expo shop, and some places to take pictures.

done 16 done 15


Luckily, the lines I needed to be in were pretty short. I picked up both of my bibs and took the picture below in the time it took Nathan to get his one bib.


After, we walked over the the other building to get our shirts and to wander around the expo a bit. This is where all the people were!


Nathan and I got our shirts (and I easily changed sizes) and then checked out the runDisney store that was also located in this part of the expo. We wandered around a bit, looking at sunglasses, SparkleSkirts, and a few other booths before we decided to skedaddle because we were so hungry!


Here was my haul from the expo: 2 race shirts, 2 bibs, 3 pins, a W&D magnet, pain reliever (that I won), a W&D Bondi band, and some samples!


How long do you spend at a runDisney race expo? What do you usually buy?

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