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The Clothing Spin

The holiday season can be an extremely busy and overwhelming time for everyone. You have parties to attend, gatherings to prepare, loads upon loads of laundry to wash, fold and put away plus grocery shopping for everyone coming in and out of your home. The one thing you don’t plan on happening is something to go wrong, especially when it comes to looking and feeling your best. What do I mean?

The other day I had an endless load of laundry to do for myself, my husband and my two children. I had everyone’s holiday clothes ready to be washed, pressed and ready to go for our holiday party that we were attending with friends and family members. It was going to be such a fun event and I couldn’t wait to get everyone dressed up in their holiday best. Unfortunately, the one big thing I didn’t expect to happen was our washing machine to literally stop working in the middle of everything! The machine has a warranty so I’m able to get a washer repair but there was no way it could be repaired and up and running in a matter of hours. I clearly wasn’t going to run and get a new washing machine so it was off to the laundromat we went to get everything ready. I wasn’t sure there was a laundromat around me so I went online and visit homepage bestlaundromatnear.me to find the nearest place to me.

I realized there were many things that helped me try to find the perfect laundry mat to help me during this desperate time that I thought would be useful if you found yourself in a similar situation.

  1. Pricing – Typically your wash and fold laundry services are actually priced by the pound. These can vary per dollar to well over a few dollars so make sure you know what the price per pound is at the location you’re wanting to go too. You might also find that some accept different forms of payment. For example, some will only accept loose change, whilst others might be making use of things like Shinepay, which makes it a lot easier for you to pay (via contactless). Some dry cleaners even offer a wash and fold service on top of their dry cleaning services so that might be a good start however it does come at a hefty price. Personally, I love going to a laundromat because it’s all in one central location.
  2. Quality – As someone who typically washes and dries all of my laundry at home you know what you’re typically going to have the same scent and level of quality. This really comes into play when finding the laundromat that you want the same service as you would at home. A great way is to check on the consistency of the location by looking at reviews either on Yelp or Google. Reviews are truly a great way to help you read about the service and if you should keep looking or you found the right one. Think of like clean clothes and the quality of folding. You also have the option to do it yourself too but you obviously want a place that will do what you would at home.
  3. Detergent Options – For my children, they have extremely sensitive skin so you want to find a place that needs a hypoallergenic detergent. You can bring you won but if you just bring it somewhere and leave your laundry for them to do, make sure you ask if they offer those various detergents. You don’t want your kids to have any type of allergic reaction to a freshly clean batch of clothes! I would ask if someone at that location can help cater to your needs or if you’re allowed to bring your own detergent for that exact reason.
  4. Service Agreements – There are some local laundry service providers that wants you to sign a contract and if you do, make sure to find out as many details as possible to make sure that you are alright with all of the print print. For example, how long is the contract and do you have an option to cancel at any time? Do they offer a month to month service? How is your laundry done- such as it a bi-monthly basis or a week to week basis? Make sure you want the quality too so you’re not wasting your time and of course, all your hard earned money!

The Clothing Spin

Now that you have an idea of some great tips to find the perfect laundry mat, if you live in the Virginia area, I found a great one for you! The wonderful and friendly people over at The Clothes Spin Laundry is Lynchburg’s brand-new coin laundromat. It is the best and most convenient laundromat in the area to do your laundry. You will feel comfortable in their clean, modern, spacious, well-lit location! They are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so it’s perfect for when you are in a jam like we were a few weeks ago. The washers at the facility can handle large loads of laundry, in fact, some of the machines can handle 80 pounds of laundry! The facility has 22 washers and 24 dryers that are available for your use. They also wash 80 pounds of laundry and offer 3 other sizes! You don’t need cash or coins to pay but a ClearToken app that you download and purchase laundry credits! The app will walk you through the process so no hassle of carrying quarters! What are you waiting for friends! Grab these tips to help you today!

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  1. I didn’t realize that different places charged differently for their laundry services. My sister is moving out on her own for the first time, and will need to find a laundromat. I will have to let her know to check out the prices and location before she decides on one.

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