Now, I am not a big tofu person, but lately, on occasion, I have started to attempt to get over my mental block about tofu.

So, when I needed a quick lunch, this is what I came up with.

Grilled Tofu Kabobs

First, I drained, cubed, and marinated the tofu.


I’m not very good at being exact, soooo…

1/4 (ish) cup gluten-free soy sauce
Big squirt of sriracha sauce (to taste) – I used a few big squirts
2 teaspoons of Sesame Oil
Onion powder
Garlic powder
black pepper

Then, as I let the tofu sit for about 30 minutes, I made some quinoa in the rice cooker (added some spices and soy sauce to give it some flavor) and cut up the vegetables.

I then put everything on skewers and took it out to the grill. I ended up grilling until it got a little charred, turning over halfway through. I didn’t really time it, but it was probably 8 minutes on each side.

I think I enjoy tofu most when it is marinated well and not mushy. This recipe satisfied both and it was a good, quick lunch.


What is your favorite way to prepare tofu?

7 thoughts on “Grilled Tofu Kabobs”
  1. Sounds like something even this vegan can eat! What kind of tofu did you use? Was it hard or semi-soft tofu? This sounds easy and quick enough to make. I might try it this weekend. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I used firm tofu. I’m not sure of the brand. It came in a two-pack at my grocery store. I think if it were any softer it wouldn’t stay on the skewers!

  2. This sounds yummy. We love eating tofu with just soy sauce, sesame oil, and some green onions. Came over from Shout out Sundays on Mom It Forward. Would love if you came and shared this on the Merry Monday Link Party tonight at 6pm PST.

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