The first race in the DC Road Runners 2016 Bunion Derby races was the Women’s Distance Festival 5K and Run After the Women 5K. The Women’s Distance Festival race was for women only and started at 7:00pm at Bluemont Park in Arlington, VA. The Run after the Women race was for all the men. They started 15 minutes after us.


This course is out-and-back, with gentle rolling hills on the W&OD Trail. As this course was still open to the public, and is pretty narrow, it was very crowded at times.

It was a bit hot and humid this evening and I did not bring any water to run with. There was one water stop that you hit twice during the race.

I tried to run (as opposed to run-walk) this race as much as possible. Because of the heat, though, I slacked a bit, which really bummed me out at the end when I tried to book it.

My final time was 31:16, with an average pace of 10:05. This was my third fastest 5k race time, and if I had run 6 seconds faster, I would have had a PR. I totally could have done this!!!!! Next time, next time…20160615_000040000_iOS