I leave for Florida Wednesday night to run in the Inaugural Dopey Challenge. There’s 5 kilometers (3.1 miles), 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), the Half-Marathon (13.1 miles), and Full-Marathon too (a whopping 26 miles. I anticipate coming home with sore legs and 8 medals and probably a little wobble in my step as well! 6 of those medals will be from the Dopey Challenge, and the other 2 will be from Digital Running Club. Above is my costume for the Full Marathon. Its sort a duck-orange Disney hybrid, don’t ask questions, ok? It’s traditional to run the Dopey Challenge in a costume or at least something a little funny like this black and white beauty
costume that other runners have been eyeing. Mines a little sporty so at least I won’t get too hot half-way through the marathon. There’s still a little bit of work to do on it and I may be adding a visor, depending on what I find at the expo. The schedule is quite busy for me at the moment I am in the middle of finishing my costumes, packing my stuff, and getting nervous! I’m surprised I still have time for training.

You may not hear from me until after I get home next Monday, but I will try to post something if I am able! Please cheer me on as I’m sure I’ll need the support for the long run. 26 miles is no small feat I’m sure you can imagine. I think they’re broadcasting some bits of it on TV so you might catch a glimpse of me. You can also sign up to track me as I run – in real time!

Wish me luck!