The US Road Running picture for the April Get Out and Run Program is very appropriate. It was pouring when I went to run! So I ended up going to the gym to do my workout.

I wore my new American Graffiti SparkleSkirt (which matches my RnR DC shirt perfectly) and hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I walked for the first 2 minutes, and then ran the rest. My first two miles were at a 10mm pace, and then I sped up for the last mile. I tried as hard as I could to finish 5k under 30 minutes, and I bet I would have succeeded if I didn’t do a 2 minute warm-up (aka fiddle with the tv).

After my 5k, I hopped onto the stationary bike and pedaled easy for 30 minutes. I need to make this more of a routine because I have my first triathlon in August, and I am not very good at the bike. Plus, it makes my butt hurt!

After a good hour of cardio, I went to an hour of yoga to stretch. I love yoga!

This was a good first workout for my Dumbo Double Dare training and my tri training!