Langley 8k

The DC Road Runners Langley 8k took place on February 10, 2018 in McLean, VA. This race is part of the Snowball Series.


The race starts and ends from Langley Fort Park. There is plenty of parking. I parked across the street at Clemyjontri Park, where there are inside bathrooms.

Race Course

The 8k course follows a bike bath and neighborhood streets. It is an out and back with a loop in the middle. There are some bigger hills during this race, which I had forgot about. However, running through the neighborhood is nice because you can daydream about all of the massively huge houses that you are passing.

How Did I Do?

Overall, I did pretty well during this race! I previously ran this race in 2016, and I beat my time by 3 minutes and 25 seconds! Hooray! I didn’t meet my goal of under 1 hour, but I was super close, and didn’t take the hills into account. But, I was very happy with my time of 1:00:49.

Other DC Road Runners Races coming up are the Burke Lake 12 and the Fort Hunt 10k, where I will attempt to beat my 10k PR time of 1:00:52, LOL!

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