A Look Back at the Hollywood Studios Animation Station

One of my favorite non-ride attractions at Hollywood Studios was the Magic of Disney Animation. In here, you could  participate in exhibits and experience what it’s like to be a Disney animator. They always had sketches up of all the upcoming animated movies, and it was a great place to wander around and get out of the heat!

Animation Station at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


There is also an Animation Station, where you had a unique hands-on opportunity to draw your very own Disney character sketch, taught by a Disney animator. I have quite the collection of drawings now, some of which are hanging up in my basement 🙂

20130708_215339 (1)

These classes were free and you had an awesome souvenir to take home! Unfortunately, all of this closed down back in June as they are re-vamping Hollywood Studios. Apparently, work is underway on a new experience, but no other information is available.

20130326_125555 (2)

I LOVED going to visit the Animation Station and really hope that they bring back the drawing class in some capacity!


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