What’s up this Wednesday? Well, I survived my first week back at school. It was a bit rough because of how exhausted I was from my weekend at Disneyland, but I survived nonetheless.


It was a bit rough walking around school with a sprained ankle though. Of course all of my kids had to ask what happened and everything, so I was a bit of a show and tale.


I had my ankle wrapped up for support and compression but it was still majorly swollen, so I headed to the doctor on Friday evening. I got some x-rays taken, but no bones were broken. In fact, the doctor was more concerned about my gross runner’s feet than my hurting ankle. Oh well. I was sent home with some anti-inflammatory pain meds that have been helping. It’s almost as though I need something else though! I did have a chat with my friend the other day and she suggested I look into getting some products from sites like Organic CBD Nugs because these are supposed to do wonders for sore joints and mobility. I thought I might give it a shot, but we’ll have to see! I know it’s successful for many different injuries and illnesses. My pain meds are doing the trick enough at the moment but I know what to do if it gets worse! Besides, my foot is now of an appropriate size and shape but still will hurt if I overuse it or sit cross-legged.


I also finally got some things done around the house. We moved our “dresser” from our old bedroom to our new bedroom, and while a lot of things aren’t set up in the new office yet, they are improving. For example, I have been doing some research into lumbar support office chairs. We need a few new pieces of office furniture and so I have been shopping around to find some new chairs at the best possible price! Ideally, I want a chair that can support my bad back. It is so important to get an office chair that is comfortable if you are someone that suffers with back pain after all. Feel free to share any recommendations in the comments below as I would love to hear them!

I also had time to put out some fall decorations. Here is my step tansu. Not sure why the picture is blurry, though.


Another area below. Duffy is in his Halloween outfit a little early, but he doesn’t have anything else for fall! It seems like all the holiday outfits are made for the small Duffy, not the full size one. I don’t want to get multiple Duffy’s in outfits, I want to have one Duffy with multiple outfits. C’mon, Disney!


Below is my new piece of furniture. I needed something in my downstairs room that could help with storage of some stuff, as well as be a place that I could put more decorations.


And last, but not least, is my beautiful Maestro who never wants to wake up in the morning! Wake up, puppy!


Now I’m off to a FULL week of school, full of interesting kids and interesting parents! It’s an adventure!