This past Sunday was the Share the Love 14k, rescheduled from February when we had a lot of snow. It was a cool and sunny morning, but the wind was crazy! Brr! The last of the snow had melted, so the trail was nice and muddy. There were parts of the trail that you HAD to walk, or you would slip and slide and, knowing me, fall.I kept an under 12 minute pace for the race, and used 2 minute/:30 sec intervals. I did pretty well, but some of the hills kicked my butt! It was also pretty muddy, so my feet got a bit wet. Running on mud is a bit tricky!

I had the chance to hang out with some ladies from the running group Moms Run This Town. It’s nice to have some people to talk to. I met an older lady who was doing the 4k walk. Her two children were both running races that same morning (one of them the LA Marathon) and she was racing to show support to them. I also ran into my old student’s mom. It was nice to catch up and to hear how her son was doing at high school.

The outfit I am wearing is a skirt I had made last year, and a shirt made by my I Run 4 buddy, Lydia! The hat doesn’t match, but I forgot my headband, and this is what I had in my car…

I think I will survive this weekend’s Rock ‘n’ Roll half!!!

This race is a part of Metro Run Walk‘s Run Walk Live! Race Series. The low-key races are always well put-together, have lots of volunteers, and have awesome snacks at the finish line. Everyone is really supportive, even if you are one of the last finishers!