I was up early on New Year’s Day getting ready for my first race of the year. I drove an hour to Leesburg, VA for the REHAU Resolution Race. This race took place through the Morven Park Estate. It was a hilly, but beautiful run through fields and past horses :)Before the race, I hung out in the staging area of the Ida Lee Rec Center. There were tables of food and water, and live music. It was fun to listen to some up-beat singing and guitar playing. It definitely helped everyone to stay calm, but also get excited for the race.The weather was perfect. Sunny and a bit cold, but I really warmed up once I started to run. Of course, I was wearing fleece Mickey pajamas, which helped me stay warm.

The race was well marked and well supervised. There were volunteers at every turn who were directing and cheering everyone on. The energy level was very high!

I had my intervals at 2:1, and tried to keep to that pace, even though my knee was being grumpy. My overall pace was 11:48, so I wasn’t that fast, but I wasn’t too slow either. It was tough running up all the hills!!

My brother Lewis ran the 5k, while I ran 10k. He ended up winning first in his age group!

This was a well-organized, festive, pretty race. I would definitely recommend this race and hope to run it again next year! At the end of the race, there was a man in a tuxedo handing out sparkling cider. Definitely the cherry on the top of the dessert.


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