February is over, and March is a new month. I am determined to have a better exercise month than January!

I convinced Nathan to go out and run with me. As you can see in the picture above, he thoroughly enjoyed himself 🙂

If you remember last year, I had signed up for a virtual race series We Get LOST in Running. This is based on the tv show Lost and is such a fun concept!

I was planning on only doing 7k so I could complete Station 7, but I ended up with enough miles to complete Station 8 – Looking Glass 8.15k!

The first 2 miles of this run were pretty rough. I really do not like the feeling of working hard, and I certainly felt it. I finally gave myself a pep talk to stop being so lazy, and just do it, and then my run was a bit better. I kept an under 12 min/mile pace and finished my 5.31 miles in just over an hour. Not my best, but certainly not terrible. And, of course, I felt great after finishing!

I plan on running more this month so I can not be as winded for such a little run!! Feel free to leave me a comment of motivation! I do have a half coming up in two weeks!!

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