My friend’s High School Orchestra sponsored this race. It took place at Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, VA, right by the river. It was a very pretty and scenic area. Unfortunately, the course left much to be desired.It had rained the night before, so all of the grass was saturated. Most of the course took place on grass, so it was lots of running through puddles. Wet, cold feet do not make for a pleasant run. There are some trails at the park, but they were only utilized for a short distance, when I would have preferred them, as they were not as wet!!

This run was a bit short of a 5k, with my runkeeper only reaching 2.75 miles. Other people had about the same distance on their GPS.

Regardless, this was not my best running. It was cold and windy, wet on my feet, and lots of running on grass. Oh well!