Last night I had 35 minutes before yoga class and I wanted to get this virtual race in since I didn’t do it over the weekend. I was dressed way too hot for the gym because I forgot my socks and all I could find was compression knee-highs and l was wearing long capris. Way too hot.

But, I started running. My first mile and a half was at 6.0 but after I did a minute of walking I moved up to 6.2. My last mile was about 6.3, and I gradually brought it up to 7.0 as I got closer to the finish.

Halfway through got really tough because this guy got on the treadmill next to me and his smell kept wafting towards me and it was soooo gross.

Anyways, I finished my 5k and I got a personal record! My fastest 5k. I was pretty exhausted at the end, and had a rough time at yoga, but it is still pretty cool…