This is a recap of the RidgeRunners Turkey Trot on November 17, 2012.

This was my first 10k and was super excited that Marty was going to be running with me. Nathan was supposed to do the 5k with Madre, but she decided not to come, so he ran the race by himself. Go Nathan!

I didn’t really train for this race other than some sporadic short runs beforehand. I was more concerned with what I was going to wear! I prepped for the race by making my costume. I decided to dress up like a turkey! I got my turkey feather running tights from Running Funky and made the skirt, shirt, and shoe covers myself.

The race was at 8 a.m. It was pretty cold out but I was very excited for my first 10k.
After trying to stay warm, the 5k started, and then a few minutes later, the 10k. The race was through a neighborhood with some gentle rolling hills. Marty and I ran most of the race, with just a few short walk breaks. I was very proud of how we were running!

The end of the race was downhill, so I raced to the finish line and ended up with a time of 1:09:49. Not too bad! An average pace of 12 minutes per mile.

There wasn’t a medal for this race, but we each received a ribbon. After the race there was a raffle. I won a pair of socks and Marty won a coupon for a free Road ID bracelet, which he gave to me. (I love my Road ID, btw!)

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