This past Saturday was the Run for Autism 5k at the Prince William Fairgrounds. A few people from my school signed up to participate, so I did as well (Though I think they were doing the walk that was later in the day).I got to the Fairgrounds about 45 minutes before the race and went to get my bib and shirt. I then went and waited in my car for the race to start because it was in the 30s and was so cold. When it was time, I went and got in the starting line. I was definitely the ONLY one dressed even remotely festively. Everyone was in drab, dark colors. Come on people – look alive!

The race started and went around the fairground roads, before heading back past an elementary school and through a neighborhood and turning around. Most of the race was pretty flat, with just a few inclines. The surfaces included dirt, gravel, concrete, and asphalt.

It was a pretty hard race for me because it was the first time running in the cold this season. My lungs were not used to it. I frequently felt out of breath. DISLIKE! It is funny how some shorter races seem harder to run than the long ones because of certain circumstances.

My official finish time was 37:09, with a pace of 10:09. That would mean that the race was 3.6 miles, NOT 5k. Not a biggie, but it confused me. If I calculate the 5k time, it would have been 31:28. Not a PR, but pretty close. I got 25th place in the female category (out of 74) and 8th place in the age group 20-29.

This was a nice race with an awesome cause. My only comments are that there were no medals. I like medals!


The shirt design.

The finish line had an array of items such as bananas, bagels, crackers, water, and this beauty!! It’s not very often that I can find cookies at a race that I can eat!