On Monday, I ran a 5-mile trail race in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr Day. I took Maestro with me because it was a beautiful, sunny day.

I got to Wakefield Park a little bit early and checked in before heading back to my car to stay warm. It was definitely colder at the park then my house, and I didn’t dress appropriately.

My US Road Running race winner, Michelle, had also brought her dog, but he was going to be walking the 1-mile with her family. Maestro was going for the long haul.

The race turned out to be a sort of obstacle course because of the ice, mud, fallen trees, steep inclines, and creek crossings. It was a lot of fun, and Maestro had no problem keeping up. The path was a mountain bike trail, so bits of it were a bit narrow and tough to run on because of the tire marks. After the race Maestro and I were both muddy, but we were excited to be out running.

This race was put on by Metro Run Walk. They have a series of low-key races each year, and they are really well put on. Remember the 11k I did last Veteran’s Day?

There are always lots of helpful volunteers, the path is well marked, and the food afterwards is amazing. For this race they had soup, hot chocolate, granola bars, fruit, and some other goodies. Nice Job! The price for the race is really inexpensive, as well.

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