I ran this race on Saturday in Arlington, VA, on a part of the W&O Canal Path. It was a smaller race, benefiting Hoffman-Boston Elementary School.

I got to the park just in time to get a picture with Ronald McDonald! I love when there are characters at races!!!! He was very excited to see my outfit. We match!

When the race started, it was pretty cold, and my hands were frozen for the first mile. After that, the sun was shining and I warmed right up.

I ran this race using 2 minute : 30 second intervals. I did ok, running about a 10 minute pace most of the time, but I did get worn out towards the end. I guess that is what I get for not doing my weekday runs. Being lazy = suffer the price.

The race was fun, and the scenery was nice. A good race, for a good cause. The only thing that I thought was strange was that there was only one elementary student running. This seemed so odd, as the race was put on and benefited a school…