What’s Up Wednesday

The first week of summer is here! And it was a very busy one, which is a good thing because I remember last year’s first week and I was so bored and overwhelmed! Not this year. I started the summer off with a lot planned!
Friday was National Flip Flop Day and Nathan and I celebrated with pedicures a free smoothies at Tropical Smoothie!
Saturday morning brought a 4.5 mile run with Marty and Madre, and then grocery shopping at Wegmans for some grocery shopping.Saturday evening was Nathan’s Birthday Party. The party was “cartoon” themed and we invited some friends over for a cookout. We even dressed up for the occasion 🙂

Everyone had a good time at the party, including Maestro and Alice.
On Sunday morning I went to a Boot Camp style workout that I had won a registration to. You can read about my experience here!
Monday and Tuesday were spent at the pool swimming and relaxing with my mom, sister-in-law, and 2 nieces. I did some water running and lap workouts to help prepare me for my first triathlon in August. I think I will be ok with the swim part!
On Monday evening I headed up to Adams Morgan in Washington, D.C. to check out an soon-to-be opened bakery. What makes this bakery special is that it is gluten-free!!! Yay! Rise Gluten Free Bakery will be opening this summer, and I can’t wait. I had the opportunity to taste a few gluten-free/vegan items, and I was very impressed. Keep an eye out for update posts on this awesome, new addition to DC!
It has been a fun summer so far, and I am excited for what else I have planned!!!
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