Veteran’s Day 11k


Monday morning Madre and I were up and at ’em for the Veteran’s Day 11k race at Burke Lake Park. It was a bit chilly to start, but was going to be a beautiful day.This was a low-key race, with no official timing, and a small group of runners. I bet there were only around 50 or so people attending the race.

We started off on the road, but were quickly on a trail that would take us around the lake. We quickly warmed up and it was an awesome run, with amazing scenery. There were leaves crunching on the ground, but some were still on the trees. The sun was shining and the lake was serene. I had a fun time taking pictures while running.

Throughout the run, we trampled up and down some hilly inclines on gravel, dirt, road, and leaves. It was a bit challenging because of the ups and downs, and trying to watch out for things that would trip us.

We finished the run in under two hours. I ended up running 7.62 miles from some back and forths that I did. Madre came in at 6.7 miles, her longest distance run ever! Woohoo!

The finish line had some tasty treats: oranges, hot chocolate, pastries, nuts and raisins, and more.

We were the last ones to finish – but that doesn’t matter. We got out there and ran, all while enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery! Oh, and of course I was the best dressed – I got a lot of compliments on my patriotic skirt and people can’t believe that I made it!





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