Vegan & Gluten-free in Washington, D.C. – Rise Gluten Free Bakery

This week I had a chance to go check out the soon-to-open Rise Bakery in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC. This bakery is 100% Gluten-free and will also have vegan offerings!
I was able to taste some delicious samples of some of the products that will be offered. Above is some melt-in-your-mouth cake. I’ve already decided that this is where I want to get my birthday cake from this year!
There were some still-warm cookies that tasted AMAZING! I know I am so far removed from the gluten-filled world, but even my niece thought they were delicious!
I also got to try this chocolate cupcake, which was also very tasty. I can’t wait for this bakery to open! They are still working on outfitting the kitchen and getting set up, so there is no exact opening date, but I will keep you posted on when it will open!

In the meantime, please like them on facebook and twitter so you can see what they are up to! Both gluten-free and gluten-eating people will love this bakery!

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